American Guinea Hogs: A Visit to J&J Acres

We had the opportunity to take a little drive south. About 3.5 hours or so that direction, you will find a nice little homestead/small farm by the name of J&J Acres.  Jared and his family have been doing the small farm thing for a good while, and I wanted to make the drive to see what I could learn about worms and hogs. Turns out, I got stuck on the hogs.

Oh, I saw the worms, but when I saw the hogs, I was hooked. You see, Tommy Alderman, over on the other side of the state, is who first clued me into the greatness of American Guinea Hogs. I have been pondering getting them for years. Well, it looks like the opportunity may just present itself to get some, so I took the chance to check out Jared’s set up first. Below, you will see a quick Q/A session with Jared as he answered some of my questions. Make sure to head over to his YouTube channel, and Tommy Alderman’s as well. Both of them are great guys. ALDERMAN FARMS    J&J ACRES

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