Gifts for Beekeepers and Homesteaders

It is that time of year. The time when so many people are struggling to come up with gift ideas for that special someone. Some people are easy to buy for, while others are rather difficult. If you have a beekeeper or homesteader on your list, there are options that are both affordable, and he/she will love them.Beekeeping supplies- For the beekeeper on your list, there are plenty of supplies and tools we use. Some are rather durable and don’t need regular replacing. Others tend to wear out or be used up.

  • Smoker- This is a tool that may wear out. Specifically, the bellows. If you have the  chance, look at their smoker and see if the bellows are cracked or otherwise in bad shape. A new smoker is relatively inexpensive, and if his/her smoker is on the way out, it would be much appreciated.  
  • Hive bodies- This is something that you will really have to know your beekeeper to know if they need them or not. Head out to the shop where they store their gear. If you see a bunch of boxes like the one below, odds are they don’t need them. People are particular about their hives. Some use 8 frame boxes, some 10, some a hybrid of their own design. Only go here if you really know what they use. Don’t worry about what color theirs are. Different strokes for different folks.
  • Hand tools/stick tools- Homesteaders use tools. Lots of them. Sure, we have our favorites, but sometimes, they break. If you live with your homesteader, you probably know if he/she broke their favorite shovel. If you know there is something they are doing without, but would be handy to have, this may be a good idea. One note: Don’t buy cheap. We rely on these tools for a lot of things. The cheap shovel from your local discount store won’t stand up to the use it will be put through.  
  • Suits/Protective equipment- This goes for both beekeeping and homesteading. A good pair of gloves is essential. In beekeeping, mine tend to wear out almost annually. Check out the gloves your special someone is using. Are they getting full of holes and ragged looking? Maybe this is an option. A word of caution though. Don’t confuse dirty with ragged. Gloves that are used regularly do get dirty, and are perfectly good for use. Also, make sure you know the right size. Bee suits/veils make great gifts as well.                                              . 
  • Plants- This sounds odd for a gift, but it could be something greatly enjoyed and desired. During the winter is the best time to buy bare root fruit trees. I have a video about planting these on my YouTube channel HERE. You may not actually have the plants/trees on the big day, but you could give a printout of what is coming. Timing with these things is critical, so if you do actually get the plants early, you can’t wait to get them in the ground. Plan accordingly. 
  • Housewares- I know, some of you are thinking “What?” Housewares. Many of us who homestead enjoy having equipment in the house that does not require electricity to run. Many enjoy just having durable, high quality equipment. Things like stand mixers are great for someone who enjoys baking. Manual tools like quality can openers and more are always welcome gifts. Sneak into the kitchen and see what is there. is a great place to look for these. They are a great company to buy from, and no, I don’t get paid to say that. 
  • Food storage- We all like food. We all need food. What homesteaders do differently than many is that we like to store food. Maybe your homesteader needs a new canner. Perhaps it is a vacuum sealer. Whatever it is, it is sure to be appreciated. Vacuum sealers can be used to store goods in the freezer or out for extended periods of time. (depending on the food). Canners are needed to ‘put up’ harvests and jellies. You never know, you might get some jelly out of the same canner you give to that special someone. 

That ought to get you started. Just about everyone likes getting gifts. To really enjoy giving gifts, we like to know that the gift is truly appreciated and will be used. If you find yourself wondering whether something would make a good gift, or maybe you have a great idea I missed, comment below and let everyone know.


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