What to Plant for Beekeeping in the Dearth.

We recently took a video tour of the property. Not focusing on the animals, the garden, or anything like that. This time, we were looking at something specific. What do plant to ensure the bees have food and resources year round. This is going to end up being a series, with an episode for each season. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates. I will store all of these in a playlist.

So, let’s take a look at what we have available for the summer. I did accidentally call goldenrod witch hazel though… I grew up calling it that, so you learn something new every day.

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Carport Bee Hive Removal: Batesville, Mississippi

We headed out to the other side of Batesville to do a cut-out from a carport. The homeowner said that she thought the bees have only been there a couple of months. We ended up finding a hive that had been there a LONG time.

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Talking Beekeeping with @628DirtRooster.

If you have perused the internet for any length of time looking for guys to learn beekeeping from, the name 628DirtRooster is likely familiar. I recently had the opportunity to spend a couple of evenings talking beekeeping. In case you have never heard of him, head over to YouTube and check out his channel. Randy (628DirtRooster) is about as nice of a guy as Continue reading

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How To Sharpen a Chainsaw: Husqvarna 450 Rancher

I needed to sharpen my chain on my Husqvarna 450 Rancher…. like really needed to sharpen it. It was feeling a bit dull a couple of weeks ago when I dropped an old walnut tree for my mother in law. Then, I went and did that tree beehive cut-out, and that did it. By the end of that one, it was obvious, she was dull. This video details how I went about sharpening it.

Continue reading

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Awesome Fallen Tree Beehive Removal! Thousands of Honey Bees!

We had a chance to cut a few bees out of a fallen tree. The homeowner wanted to cut the tree down a few weeks ago. As it happens, mother nature took care of felling the tree. Now, he just had the bees to deal with.

He called his pest control guy, with Pickens Pest Control (great company, by the way) and he was given my number to come take care of them.

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Product Review: Harbor Freight Electric Log Splitter

I have a cool mother in law. Really, I do. She bought me a log splitter for Christmas last year. We discussed it, and we simply couldn’t justify the cost of a gas splitter at this point, so we went with an electric version. Harbor Freight tools is known for low cost tools. Some of them are pretty good, some, not so much.  One thing about Harbor Freight, I have always found that they stand behind their goods, and have a more than fair return/exchange policy. After coupons I think we got this guy for around $200.

I put the log splitter to the test, and here are the results.

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June Beehive Inspections

A quick look at the hives in the front apiary on the homestead. The weather was less than ideal, but I needed to get the inspection done. The remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy were on the way.

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Pallet Project: Hen House

Once again, we break out one of our favorite building materials to create something we need on the homestead. Today, it is a chicken coop/hen house. This is actually the second rendition of a hen house we have made. The first one will be slightly re-worked to add the hinged opening. One thing about homesteading, you learn something every time you do something. In this case, I learned that installing an opening to get eggs would be far easier using hinges.

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American Guinea Hogs: A Visit to J&J Acres

We had the opportunity to take a little drive south. About 3.5 hours or so that direction, you will find a nice little homestead/small farm by the name of J&J Acres.  Jared and his family have been doing the small farm thing for a good while, and I wanted to make the drive to see what I could learn about worms and hogs. Turns out, I got stuck on the hogs.

Oh, I saw the worms, but when I saw the hogs, I was hooked. You see, Tommy Alderman, over on the other side of the state, is who first clued me into the greatness of American Guinea Hogs. I have been pondering getting them for years. Well, it looks like the opportunity may just present itself to get some, so I took the chance to check out Jared’s set up first. Below, you will see a quick Q/A session with Jared as he answered some of my questions. Make sure to head over to his YouTube channel, and Tommy Alderman’s as well. Both of them are great guys. ALDERMAN FARMS    J&J ACRES

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2 Minute Tip: Swiffer Pad Hive Beetle Traps

I got a request in a comment on a YouTube video asking how to use Swiffer pads or paper towels for hive beetle control in a hive.  I put together a quick Two Minute Tip showing how to install them. Enjoy.

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